Strategic Future Fitness Evaluation Template

Strategic Future Fitness Evaluation Template

Will your strategies be viable across multiple futures? Planning for a linear, one-dimensional outcome is ineffective in a VUCA environment. We must weigh our strategies, organizational constants, or “sacred cows” against multiple alternative worlds to determine their future fitness. This exercise leverages the Four Natural Archetypes to stratify the infinite futures landscape into four distinct potential worlds. Begin by reading the provided 1-2 page “macro narratives” that describe the social, technological, ecological, economic, and political environment of that archetype. In the matrix, use the colors red, yellow, or green to evaluate whether your strategies will be useful in each reality. If you or leadership has ever doubted a strategy for its practicality into the distant future, use this tool to settle the discussion once and for all!



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  • Included in the template is everything you need to evaluate organizational Strategic Future Fitness: facilitator notes, instructions, four Macro narratives, a completed example template, debrief questions, the Future Fitness matrix, and links to supplemental templates to facilitate a full futures session.


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