The ART Assessment

What's Your ART Leadership Style?

How Do You Think About The Future?

Leading organizations in these volatile and complex times requires new approaches and mindsets. Trends in society, technology, employment and the economy are all converging in unexpected ways, forever changing the way people view the world.

We’ve gathered key insights about what it takes to grow and be successful; highlighting three leadership styles —adaptive, resilient, and transformative—that will enable you to meet the demands of a changing world. Through our interactive assessment, discover where your natural strengths lie, while learning how to embody all three traits.
By adopting a resilient, adaptive and transformative approach, you will not only be poised to take advantage of the present landscape of unprecedented change, but also uniquely positioned to champion more equitable futures for all.
Take the ART Assessment to discover your dominant leadership style.
  • Learn how you tend to approach the future, including the strengths and weaknesses of each style.
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