Strategic Foresight Introductory Bundle

Strategic Foresight Introductory Bundle

Looking to kick-start futures thinking in your organization? Try this Introductory Bundle! Become familiar with TFSX’s offerings and the futures field with these beginner’s resources.

The Natural Foresight® Primer is offered free under the copyright stipulations as a digital resource. If you wish to receive a printed version, you may purchase it here.



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What’s Included in the Bundle:
  • Our Introductory Package, detailing who we are, our offerings, and professional foresight certification information.
  • Our Natural Foresight® Primer
    • What is Strategic Foresight?
    • The Push and Pull of the Future
    • Strategic Foresight in Practice
    • Natural Foresight® Framework: Unlock the Futurist Mindset
    • A Futures Thinking Exercise
    • Foresight Gap Identification Questionnaire
  • A TFSX Notebook
  • A TFSX Water Bottle


Copyright and Attribution Information

Natural Foresight®, Wicked Opportunities®, Holoptic Foresight Dynamics®, and The Futures School® are registered trademarks of Kedge, LLC (dba TFSX). We are excited to offer our holistic framework for thinking and acting on the future – Natural Foresight® – as an open source resource for everyone.

While TFSX owns and retains copyright and trademark for the Natural Foresight® Framework, we grant you the right to make use of the materials (products) as they are, or in modified form. You may translate, modify, print, network, reformat or change the materials in any way providing that you meet the terms of the license.

If you use or amend or incorporate content from the Natural Foresight® Framework, which is provided under a Creative Commons license, use the following attribution:

Natural Foresight® by TFSX is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International

We would be very interested to see copies of, or links to, derivative works. If you would like to share these with us, please email details to [email protected]