Futures Wheels Template

Futures Wheels Template

The output of this template is a landscape of potential threats and possibilities along with a strategic mindset that is resilient, adaptive, and transformative.

While it’s fun to think creatively about the future without any limits, it can also be challenging without a structure or framework, especially if you’re not a futurist by trade. We wanted to make a version of Futures Wheels for strategists, professors, analysts… anyone that wants to think proactively 10+ years out. 

TFSX’s version of Futures Wheels is designed using the STEEP framework. STEEP is an acronym that describes the macro environment which Strategic Foresight operates within holistically. STEEP stands for Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political. We call this version of the tool “Drivers Wheels” because STEEP represents drivers of change. It’s easier to imagine implications when we consider an issue’s impacts to society, technology, the economy, and so forth.



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This resource is a Mural template. If you do not already have a free or paid Mural account, you should do so before attempting to use this resource. Upon checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the template, where you can create a Mural canvas from the template.

Included in the template is everything you need to facilitate Futures Wheels: facilitator notes, instructions, trend cards, debrief questions, and the Drivers Wheels chart.



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