Futures Thinking Worksheet

Futures Thinking Worksheet

Feeling stuck? Ask yourself, “If all obstacles were removed, and I could direct what is done, what would I do?” Our Futures Thinking exercise is a straightforward yet powerful way to engage in discussions about the future. Whether as a self-reflection tool or with your team, the seven-question framework is a great addition to your futures thinking toolkit. In fact, we use the last two questions ALL the time in our own business development and strategy efforts at TFSX.



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This resource is a PDF that includes the A Futures Thinking Exercise Worksheet. You may use the resource digitally by filling as a PDF form, or print and fill it out. Before beginning your foresight journey, it is helpful to first uncover how you think about the future. Complete this exercise from an individual or a professional perspective; if your foresight efforts are team-based, use this questionnaire to initiate a discussion about the future. It only takes a few moments of self-reflection, but these seven questions are extremely powerful for understanding our mindset about the future.  


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