Coming Soon! Design Futures: Leveraging Speculative Prototyping for Real-World Products, Services and Experiences

Design Thinking empowered by Futures Thinking


Design Futures is the practice of creating concepts and prototypes pulled from visions of the future in order to reimagine and transform the systems, experiences, processes, services, products, and objects that define our dominant reality. Conjuring these “future-inspired artifacts” isn’t relegated to the work done by designers and futurists, but can often be seen impacting the public zeitgeist through the provocative ideas conceived in our books, movies, and various forms of entertainment. These ideas are known as “diegetic prototypes” – a design or object that does not yet exist in the real world but is considered real and functional in the fictional narrative through dialogue, plot rationalizations, character interactions and narrative structure.

If you’ve ever wondered “Where is the flying car or the personal jet-pack that I was promised years ago?“, then you’ve already interacted with these diegetic prototypes, and Design Futures has impacted your expectations of the future. As a matter of fact, the idea for many of the everyday objects that we take for granted – cell phones, tablet computers, credit cards, submarines, and even antidepressants – first appeared in sci fi movies. Today, organizations, governments, and social entrepreneurs are utilizing sci fi narratives to create these future artifacts and turn them into real-world products, services, and experiences.

Incorporating the Foresight and Futures Thinking subgenre of Design Fiction, the idea of Design Futures also converges the practices of Design Thinking, Speculative Design, Sci Fi Prototyping, Transformational Mapping, and Strategic Design.

As with all of TFSX offerings, this course is fueled by Natural Foresight ®.

You will be able to:

  • Learn about the concept and practice of Design Fiction, Speculative Design, and Sci-Fi Prototyping
  • Dive into TFSX’s unique Design Futures model that converges the Natural Foresight® Framework, a reframed Design Thinking model based on Futures Thinking dynamics, and a circular approach that mimics the narrative-artifact-development feedback loop.
  • Gain hands-on and project-based experience with various tools that guide users through the Design Futures model.

Course Fee: $150 USD

Course Duration: Access unlimited

Course Format: On-demand, self-paced

Design Futures Process – Design Thinking empowered by Futures Thinking

Important Details:

This course does not provide you eligibility into TFSX Alumni status. Alumni privileges are reserved for those who complete Foundations in Natural Foresight®, Activations in Natural Foresight®, Transformations in Natural Foresight®, or those who complete Certification.

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