Strategic Implications Worksheet

Strategic Implications Worksheet

Strategic Foresight is a discipline that works from the outside-in. It’s essential that we shed our educated incapacity and look beyond our blind spots to see what is emerging on the horizon prior to conducting our strategic plans. If we skip this critical step, we risk creating a future that looks a lot like today. Strategic Implications is a foresight-based SWOT analysis tool. Strategic Implications allows the user to consider the Possibilities, Problems, Partners, and Platforms in a future world, either individually or alongside a team in a collaborative brainstorming session. In this download, you’ll receive a link to a video that showcases three emerging landscapes of change. Watch this video to be quickly but effectively immersed into three alternate visions of the future. Then follow-up with a practical, action-based conversation about “what all this means” for the organization.



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This resource is a PDF that includes a link to a video and the Strategic Implications template. You may use the resource digitally by filling as a PDF form, or print and fill out.


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