GFAC Live! May 2024


The Global Foresight Advisory Council holds open meetings with thought leaders across the world to discuss how they are democratizing the future.

Event details:

Enhancing Women's Leadership In and Through Foresight

Date: May 1, 2024
Time: 9 AM ET EST
Cost: Free

As with many other fields in society, foresight is still a very male-dominated space. If we are truly committed to democratizing futures and foresight practices and, therefore, the co-creation of our collective futures, it is urgent to shed light on the critical absence of women’s voices and develop strategies to include particularly those historically and systematically marginalized, in a meaningful way. This session will bring three women, members of our Global Foresight Advisory Council, who will draw on their personal experience to discuss the importance of fostering safe spaces, education opportunities and an intersectional approach to enhance women’s leadership in the sector. They will also explore how the dissemination of foresight skills among women can support them in occupying more leadership roles and leading transformation in all areas of society.

Event Speaker(s):

Thays Prado

Panel Moderator

Thays Prado is a gender expert, storyteller and futurist. She holds a Master's Degree in Gender, Media and Culture from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Professional Screenwriting Degree from UCLA, in the United States. Thays worked for organizations such as UN Women, BBC Media Action, Women Win, and the School of International Futures. A Brazilian native, currently based in Lisbon, she recently founded Feminist Futures, a futures and foresight organization focused on supporting women and girls, particularly those from the Global Majority, to reclaim their power of imagination through futures methods and storytelling.


Thays will be joined by GFAC members Zan Chandler, Bárbara Ferrer Lanz, and Kelsey Volkmann.

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