GFAC Live! August 2024


The Global Foresight Advisory Council holds open meetings with thought leaders across the world to discuss how they are democratizing the future.

Event details:

Jumpstarting Better Futures with a U.S. Office of Strategic Foresight

Date: August 14, 2024
Time: 9 AM ET EST
Cost: Free

Join the Federal Foresight Advocacy Alliance (FFAA) Co-Chairs, Robin Champ, Kara Cunzeman, and Suzette Brooks Masters as they delve into the pressing need for the establishment of a U.S. Office of Strategic Foresight. This panel will provide background on FFAA’s mission to enhance the United States’ strategic posture through proactive foresight practices. The co-chairs will share their personal motivations behind joining forces to champion this cause and emphasize the critical role of preparedness, anticipation, and imagination in shaping a resilient and competitive nation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can contribute to shaping America’s strategic future.

Event Speaker(s):

Suzette Brooks Masters


Suzette Brooks Masters is a social entrepreneur, philanthropic advisor, thought leader and strategist in the fields of democracy and futures. She has received numerous awards for her philanthropic vision and impact, and accolades for her incisive publications. She prides herself on seeing around the corner and challenging conventional thinking.


In addition to serving as a co-founder and co-chair of the Federal Foresight Advocacy Alliance, and US Adviser to the School of International Futures, Ms. Masters leads the Better Futures Project at the Democracy Funders Network, a cross-ideological learning and action community for donors concerned about American democracy. She authored Imagining Better Futures for American Democracy, which set the foundation for the Better Futures Project. Previously she served as Senior Strategist at the Center for Inclusion and Belonging at the American Immigration Council. From 2007-2016, she was the Program Director for Migration at the J.M. Kaplan Fund in New York City. She has served on numerous non-profit boards and commissions throughout her career.


Ms. Masters is a graduate of Harvard Law School, Cambridge University on a Marshall Scholarship, and Amherst College. A lifelong New Yorker, she is the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants.

Robin Champ


Robin L. Champ is the Vice President, Strategic Foresight at LBL Strategies. Retired as the Chief of the Enterprise Strategy Division at the United States Secret Service, Robin led the organization’s foresight and strategic planning efforts. Notably, she also co-chaired the Federal Foresight Community of Interest, showcasing her commitment to advancing foresight practices across government.  Prior to her tenure at USSS, Robin served as the Chief of the Global Futures Office at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).  In addition to her official positions, Ms. Champ is a U.S. Army proclaimed “Mad Scientist,” and Co-Chair of the Federal Foresight Advocacy Alliance.

Robin’s illustrious career has earned her accolades, including a commendation from the Vice President of the United States, the prestigious DTRA Director’s Distinguished Civilian Service Medal, and the U.S. Secret Service Director’s Impact Award. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism/Advertising from the University of Maryland. Additionally, she holds a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from NDU’s Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), and is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Senior Executive Fellows program.

Kara Cunzeman


Kara Cunzeman is the director of strategic foresight within the Center for Space Policy and Strategy at The Aerospace Corporation. Cunzeman championed and founded the Strategic Foresight directorate at Aerospace and serves as its first director. In her role, Cunzeman leads an “A” team of incredible thinkers who are focused on cultivating a formalized approach to futures thinking through the discipline of strategic foresight, helping the nation adequately prepare its organizations and capabilities to proactively shape the future through innovative approaches across strategy, acquisition, science, technology portfolio management, policy, and operations. In addition to her day job at Aerospace, Cunzeman is the Lead for the U.S. Hub at Teach the Future and the Co-founder and Co-chair of the Federal Foresight Advocacy Alliance.


Cunzeman received her bachelor’s degree in multidisciplinary engineering and a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics engineering from Purdue University. She is also a certified foresight practitioner and guest instructor at the Institute for the Future and the Center for Intelligence Studies, International Space University, American University, and George Washington University.

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